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i made a youtube account for uploading games i played , my upload of DAT got me to a, authors right of the owned music i showed in the video and it could go good as they would accept me from showing the music i raced on or a dissaproval and would got me a minus in my status or a block of that type of music or they would erase the music self out the recording, is there music in DAT i am able to race on and record without facing this problem? if yes what would this be?

The songs in the “bundled tracks” folder (visible at the top of DAT’s file browser) are copyright free and should be okay to upload to YouTube.

thank you ,bundled tracks are copy right free, great to know :smile:

Hello! I have some music I created myself, and would like to know if there is a way to change the skin on it. It seems like the artist is what determines the skin, but I’m not sure. Even just a list of the different skins would help.