Suggestions for new features

When you do a stunt such as a barrel roll, it should give you a small automatic boost. :smile:

It would give more of a reason to do stunts, as well as add to the feeling of speed for the song.

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I dsagree to be honest. Your main objective in DAT is getting points. Stunts give you points. That’s enough of a reason to do them if you ask me. Also if stunts would give you a boost it would make certain decisions useless. Sometimes there are moments where you have decide to either do a stunt or collect boxes to build up the booster. If stunts would give points AND boost there would be no reason to choose the boxes anymore in these scenarios.

I wrote my personal suggestions in the Steam forum already, but since I’m already here I guess it wouldn’t hurt to summarize those here too?

Minor things: Scrobbling
– After you played a song it would be nice if there was a way to immediately keep playing without having to go back to the main menu and going through all the files again. Maybe a button that makes you play other songs from the same directory as the song you just played.

General things-
– When you search for a song it would be nice if you could press a letter and it would jump to it in the list AND/OR add a search bar
– Let us see more songs our friends played. As far as I know you can only see 1 song (their “favorite”) as of now. I’d like to be able to get a list of the last few songs so I can drive against their ghosts. Or even better (But this might be too much) when going through your songs have a symbol on songs your friends have played. If this was somehow possible that would be absolutely amazing.

Major things:
– Dethroned notifications. This is a must have if you ask me. In a game like this where owning the scoreboards is the goal you need to know when you lose a first place. Either make it by e-mail or let the players see that stuff in the “profile” section of the main menu.

Thank you for this great game!

List of some ideas. If some of these are impossible at this stage of development or if anyone has already suggested these things, I apologize in advance.

More interactivity:

  • Controllable aerial tricks (mid-air roll to the left/right to control placement upon landing and gain aerial trick combos on straight ramps - could possibly add forward/backward rolls as well, possible trick penalty/speed loss for failing a trick [doing a trick too close to the ground for instance])

  • Gas pedal (have the OPTION to hold down say, right trigger to
    accelerate [not auto-accelerate])

  • Punishment for falling behind (screen becoming grayscale/everything
    slowing down including the music)

  • Punishment for falling behind in the song too many times (song fail?
    if this exists, haven’t seen it yet)

  • Higher score multiplier for staying in the middle “lane” when

  • Allow us to race more than one ghost at a time

  • Add box combo counter (something showing how many boxes have been
    destroyed consecutively)

More obstacle types:

  • Random traffic/other cars (like a solid ghost if you will)

  • Aerial “dash” rings to fly through that extends your jumps (would
    work well with above aerial tricks)

  • Spikes on the side of the road (possibly ones that appear before you
    like a spike strip)

  • Dash panels (besides speed pick ups)

  • Electrified wall/barriers

  • No wall/barriers at times for risk of falling off course (not on
    curves, as this would be too difficult)

More collectibles:

  • Reduce boxes needed for dash (let car type determine dash meter size)

  • Reward dash upon successful tricks (for more dash options, even if
    it’s mainly a visual thing)

  • Score/money multipliers

  • Add possible “jump” power up that can be deployed at your desire (can
    be combined with ramps for extra height)

  • Magnet power up to pull in boxes/coins for a short time


  • Refine electronic music genre tracks beyond “dance” (I feel this is necessary due to the sheer amount of various electronic (and other) tracks simply being filed as dance):

  • Dubstep/Drum and Bass (accommodate for more drops, bouncing audio
    equalizer/levels bars, different color scheme etc.)

  • Synthwave (80’s style design, grids, wireframe, neon colors)

  • IDM/Ambient (cool color scheme, nature theme?)

  • Chiptune (pixelated, monochrome?)

  • Add a “Grinding on Rails” achievement (I’ve had a few instances of
    landing on the side barriers and grinding along for a few seconds
    before falling back on track or falling off course)

  • Add relax/chill mode (Drive with playlist? radio? no items, infinite

More visuals/decorations:

  • Audio levels/equalizer bars going up and down

  • Fireworks, lasers

  • A helicopter flying by to check you out with a spotlight/searchlight
    and flying away after a moment

  • Birds flying by

  • A UFO flying by

  • Clouds you drive through (like a fog)

  • Shooting stars/comets/falling asteroids

  • A planet/moon in the sky

  • Lightning/rain/rainbow arches

  • Satellite floating by

  • Sparks flying/smoke while drifting (to give a visual)

General optimization and fixes:

  • Add FLAC support

  • Remember last location in music finder/list

  • Add vehicle stats/genre

  • Add time elapsed/remaining of song to “completion bar”

  • Give an option for us to choose which “genre theme” to drive with
    (similar to our car selection so there’s more visual variety for
    those who stick to a few genres)

  • Shrink score counter of ghosts (as to not block screen)

  • Add an indicator of where you and the ghost are on the “completion
    bar” (could perhaps just summarize their score here instead of it
    floating over them - would fix above issue)

  • More car skins/packs to unlock

  • Fix player profile stats (add number of songs played)

  • Change color of played songs versus unplayed songs in file browser
    (so we know which songs we already played at a glance… perhaps grey
    out unplayed songs and make played songs a more solid white)

  • Add Steam Trading Cards/Badges

-If I think of more I’ll add them here instead of making an additional post

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Agree with virtually everything posted by KCB, especially the option for a gas pedal for more drift control. A wider variety of visual effects is also important. I want to have that mouth-wide-open, in-a-trance sensation when riding through my music (See: Beat Hazard). And the idea of punishment for falling behind is what this game really needs, at the moment it’s not all that satisfying to complete a hard track.

I’d also like adjustable level themes, or at least a wider variety. I have a large collection of rock/metal tracks, but I’m tired of the black and red industrial background. Maybe a longer draw distance too, I hate seeing buildings pop in so close.

Really hyped for the huge potential this game has. I don’t regret my purchase at all.

Being able to select a theme would be nice, perhaps after said theme has been unlocked by playing a song of that type. I’d also like to see a way to sort the “Recently played” list by difficulty. It’s frustrating at times not remembering which songs were hard and which were easy.

I do like one of the above suggestions for controlable tricks in the air, at least for front/back flips. Holding down either the up or down arrows in mid-air would make for a new dynamic in the game.

And a way to adjust draw distance for those of us with older computers :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have a way to play a new track when you don’t have access to the internet, as right now the option to play a track you haven’t before is simply grayed out when the game is in offline mode.

I found out about this when I was trying to play a new track while passing the time on a roadtrip, but I could only play tracks I had already played before. I’m assuming this is to make sure each song is added to DAT’s database, along with who played the track first, and any ghosts for that track. This isn’t a big deal now, since DAT is in active development, but it worried me for the future of the game years from now when those servers are no longer maintained, or when they simply go down for maintenance.

Not saying I would like to beat ghosts or stuff like that and then have that data be uploaded when I have internet again, but it would be nice when offline to be able to challenge maybe a locally stored ghost of my own top score, and of course to play songs I haven’t yet.

Anyway, really cool game! I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. :smile: After you removed the issue of hidden barriers from track generation, this is pretty much the only complaint I have.

Maybe to go along with the unlocking packs by playing certain genres that maybe you can unlock different map variations? Like an apocalypse style map where the track and environment is crumbling or maybe a war zone? Just a quick thought will try to come up with more idea’s in the future. CaptainKCB and everyone else basically knocked everything else out.

A small tutorial map.
Keybinding options, or at least a help screen to view controls for gamepads and KB/M.

Apple Lossless, .AIFF, and FLAC support. ALL of my legally acquired music is ripped in these file formats (for use in Audio Editing for highest quality sampling), so I find my library of tracks is rather short. I want to race my Alice in Chains and Amon Amarth. I’m stuck racing videogame soundtracks and videogame remixes at the moment. It’s fine, but I’d love access to my other 60+GB of music.

I would like to see drift comboing, ala Sonic All Stars Transformed, though. An accelerator option would be great, too. Just steering is a bit strange to me.

Maybe some other color schemes, as well? Even more variations inside of a defined genre.

Other than that, the game has a good feel to it and I’m looking forward to playing it in a more refined state.

Maybe you can add that you can connect the game with soundcloud that you can Drive whole playlist or something like that. :smile:

A simple idea, but one I think would add a bit more life to the backgrounds. Simply having a flash, or some sort of visualisation of the song which is playing in the background and the sides of the track.
And then FLAC support, I think everyone wants that. :wink:

Finally, as xXFreshDx said, Soundcloud support. Just allows us to play tracks we don’t have on our PCs.

I would like to see a kind of “playlist mode”, where you can select some number of tracks (maybe up to 5 or 10?) and play through all of them without having to go back through the list and search for the next song you want. Right now that is the main issue I have with this game. I spend too much time in menus and not enough time driving my music.

I really like this idea. I’m a fan of playlists and I’d like to have them, I spend way too much time in menus right now trying to find the music I want.

Also is there perhaps a way to change the algorithm for certain kinds of songs? I’ve noticed a few rock songs, this one in particular, just end up being windy circles of track after a while. Is there perhaps a way to change that? I’ve noticed a few other tracks that are fairly ‘intense’ but at a similarly ‘intense’ level throughout the song tend to come out fairly bland.

Maybe a better way to pick up on that and make the track more interesting? For the most part, however, the game is extremely solid and I’m glad I picked it up.

PLEASE add a way to sort the way the music files are shown. Currently they are sorted by album number in game even though my computer file lists them in order of date created, so the list is so out of order since I have hundreds of songs and I am spending way too much time trying to find the song I want. If you could add a way that it reads the order set on the computer file or a different sorting method in game that would help me along with so many other people find the song they desire. You guys are doing great, thanks!

It would be good if we can Real-time race with friends or other people online with race mode(you can win by be a first person finish and get more extra money than other behind you)or just normal stunt mode and room option that you can set that the car can hit each other or not

And if you don’t have the song that the lobby creator choose you can just download it in the lobby
(sorry if my grammar broke a bit)

I would adore an ability to just choose the skin for the song. I have a lot of songs that ALL appear in the purple/pink pop skin, and I can’t change that! At least for now, a way to make that happen, even if it means changing the artist.

I just spent a couple hours playing the game for the first time. I’m happy to see that not only has something interesting been done with this idea, but executed well.
A few things stood out to me that would improve the experience, as I’ll list below:

  • Put the boost gauge and score multipliers somewhere other than just on the car. When the colors are bleeding and the car is moving a lot, I can’t tell how many more boost boxes I need before I hit my next boost. The multiplier is less of an issue because it’s highlighted center frame when it changes, it’s constant, and ultimately irrelevant to the moment-to-moment mechanics of operating the car.
  • After a song has been analyzed, The Artist, Title, Creator, and Difficulty is displayed. I’d also like to know the duration and what genre the game considers it to be.
  • I have a lot of niche music that few other players have added. Every time I play a song, I see the “You’re the first to play this song” message. While I appreciate this, I don’t want to have to wait for it every time. Please provide a way to skip past it or give me an option in the settings menu to never show the screen. Or both!
  • Also, if I’m the first person to play a song, why do I still see the ghost selection screen?
  • I could go a step further and say that I’d like a settings option to always skip the ghost selection screen. That just isn’t important for me and just adds more time between when I choose my song and when I start driving it.
  • Ditto for the car selection screen. I’d like to select my car once and then the only menu I see in between songs is the song selection screen, because I’m not switching cars between songs.
  • I never want to hear the built-in menu music or menu sound effects, but I always want to hear my in-game music and sound effects. Is there a way to separate these into two more settings in the sound level menu? If not, can you look at why the menu sound effects are louder than the in-game sound effects?
  • A directory play function would be useful, too. Play all of the songs in a given directory in sequence, showing results after each or showing a summary at the end.
  • A playlist function that allows songs to be selected and played through similar to the directory play described above, but pulled from the list provided instead of a directory.
  • Barriers are often difficult to see if they’re sitting at the top of a hill. If there were some kind of flag or other vertical indicator rising off of either side of them, in a distinct color so that it wouldn’t get lost against everything else going on, that could better prepare me to dodge it as I climb the crest of that hill.
  • Please do something to prevent pickup items from being placed directly on the other side of jumps. I can’t tell you how often I’m sailing over boost boxes, coins, or instant boosts with no way to collect them. It almost feels like I’m being punished for making the jump, but the kind of jump I’m talking about is usually forced by the track, so I didn’t have a choice.
  • Is it just me, or does the car lose speed during jumps? I always seem to have some ground to make up after a jump, regardless of whether it was a forced jump by the track or an optional jump by a ramp. In songs where a lot of jumping is going on, this can end up pushing me farther and farther out of sync.

I’d love a multiplayer function in the game - Race against friends and not “just” the ghost version, where you can beat their highscores

Will there by any chance ever be an android version of this game?
I’d love to be able to play this on the go :smiley:

(didn’t really know which category to put this, so i thought this was the most relevant one)

seriously the only thing missing for me at the moment is being able to create my own map color sheme (eventually adding steam workshop to share themes could be great) because i only have the red metal sheme when the music isnt the right music genre… and maybe more car could be amusing as I’ve already catch them all :grin::grin::grin: otherwise this is a great game

For me the game it’s almost perfect, there’s just one add thing that would blown my mind and make it the perfect and competitive game, would there be any chance of adding some kind of portal where you could check by your ID, the actual songs you’ve played, so you could check when someone overpass you’re score, that makes someone say “mh, okay, imma take 5 mins to this song”… well, with that door actually opens up to tons of things like rating ghost you played against (so that ghost one, could know he was defeated by you, and takes a chance to know, it’s up to him xD) but it would be fun to have something saying to me “Hey! Someone just broke your score in this song!” thing… Thank you, i don’t know if im too late for writting, but i just had to do it xD Love your game, and will keep playin it till i’m deaf or dead! =)