Suggestions for new features


For me the game it’s almost perfect, there’s just one add thing that would blown my mind and make it the perfect and competitive game, would there be any chance of adding some kind of portal where you could check by your ID, the actual songs you’ve played, so you could check when someone overpass you’re score, that makes someone say “mh, okay, imma take 5 mins to this song”… well, with that door actually opens up to tons of things like rating ghost you played against (so that ghost one, could know he was defeated by you, and takes a chance to know, it’s up to him xD) but it would be fun to have something saying to me “Hey! Someone just broke your score in this song!” thing… Thank you, i don’t know if im too late for writting, but i just had to do it xD Love your game, and will keep playin it till i’m deaf or dead! =)